About us

We are co- and motivation in their organizations. We do that inpilots to leaders that want to drive results, performance a proven four-step approach – assess, coach, implement and follow-up. You set the goals – we help you get there.  We build lasting skills and capabilities, so your organization will be able to continue to live and execute what was implemented. We customize a plan that fits your organization and goals. 

Sven Maikranz

Founder and Senior Executive Coach


Sven is the founder of Mindmotions Leadership & Coaching and an executive Coach with 20 years of international management and executive background. Sven is ICF certified and a NLP Master Coach whose experience includes coaching board members and C-Level Executives of Fortune 500 companies. He works with executives and leadership teams assisting them to achieve personal goals as well as driving their strategies and objectives through the organizations. He is specialized in creating purpose driven, self-sufficient and high performing leadership teams that are aligned with the company strategy and focus on driving results.

Tiffany Busser

Executive & Team Coach


A pragmatic and insightful coach, Tiffany Busser blends international Professional Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Certifications with a ten-year background in management and communications. She helps clients and teams overcome obstacles and transcend the challenges of professional or personal transitions. Her experience includes coaching in contrasting domains ranging from entrepreneurship to large corporations and career-shifting through to project management. Tiffany is an experienced team coach and communication specialist. With her genuine interest and discerning skills, Tiffany enables her clients and teams to understand and pave the way for improved communication and collaboration.